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Learning Object Design

Make the most of your training investment by shaping content into small, independent learning objects that can be used for multiple purposes and that can, in many cases, be sold.


Self-contained, transportable, reusable, marketable...


  • Content, if packaged correctly, can be reused in a variety of learning and support interventions, across media and for different audiences.

  • Content can be sold.


  • A learning object is a self contained, context-independent unit. Reusable and transportableit is a meaningful division of learning that can be accomplished at one sitting.

  • To be effective, learning objects require instructional design skills to shape content into effective learning and support chunks or bites, and information technology architectures to define, tag, house, maintain, deploy, and display the objects in a meaningful framework, usually across an internet or intranet platform.


  • Capturing knowledge, developing training, and maintaining content costs money. Corporations are looking for ways to safeguard and make multiple use of their investment as well as increase consistency and accuracy in learning.

  • Reusable Learning Objects or RLOs provide:
    • Flexibility

    • Ease of Updates, Searches and Content Management

    • Customization

    • Interoperability

    • Competency Based Learning

    • Increased value of Content

  • In addition, content can now, realistically, be sold.